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Contemplating Toronto (And All the Rest) / Many More Pics from "Black Mass" / Wells Compares and Contrasts / Remember to Rate the Films

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TIFF 2015 announced a ton a films yesterday and there were some surprises in as far as what that information probably revealed about TFF #42.

We learned that, in all likelihood, "Truth" "I Saw the Light" and "Our Brand is Crisis" will not make the trek to southwest Colorado.  Also missing screenings at Telluride: "About Ray", "Mia Madre" and "Miss You Already".

We also think that "45 Years" and "Rams" WILL PLAY in Telluride.  "45 Years" wasn't particularly a surprise on MTFB.  "Rams" really shouldn't be either as it was very well received at Cannes in UN Certain Regard and also won the top prize in that program.

We could still pick up an occasional morsel of useful info from this or that film fest announcement but the biggest morsels are now out there.

All indications at this point are that Venice and Telluride will share "Black Mass", "Anomalisa", "Spotlight", "Beasts of No Nation" and "Heart of a Dog".

Telluride and New York are likely sharing: "Carol", "Steve Jobs", "The Treasure" (See NOTE below)

Telluride and Toronto seem to be sharing: "45 Years", "Anomalisa", "Beasts of No Nation", "Black Mass", "Room", "Son of Saul", "Spotlight", "Amazing Grace", "Heart of a Dog", "He Named Me Malala", "Hitchcock/Truffaut", "Rams", "The Treasure". (NOTE: Comment from Anonymous points out that "The Treasure" is now listed by TIFF as a North American Premiere.  NYFF stills lists it as not having any premiere status which indicates that its U.S. Premiere happens somewhere else before NYFF...soooo...maybe it doesn't play T-ride)

It seems that Telluride and London Fests will share "Steve Jobs", "Suffragette" and "Carol" at least.

What's still out there that is a possible choice for Telluride?

You still have to think that either Herzog piece is possible: "Queen of the Desert" and "Salt and Fire".
Also, the Mark Cousins films "Atomic" and "I Am Belfast".
Sony Pictures Classics "13 Minutes"... maybe.
The Weinstein's "Burnt", "Tulip Fever" and "Macbeth"... maybe.
"A Hologram for the King" and/or "Genius" from Lionsgate/Roadside Attractions/Saban
Maybe "Tale of Tales" and/or "A Perfect Day" from IFC Films
Warners "The 33"...maybe.
Then there are films that seem to be in limbo: Derek Cianfrance's "The Light Between Oceans" and Sean Penn's "The Last Face".
Television programming from Steve McQueen ("Codes of Conduct") and Martin Scorsese ("Vinyl") could still be in play.
Maybe some footage from "Hateful Eight".  Maybe some footage from "The Revenant"???
And there's that Wim Wenders retrospective that I think could show up with some presence.
Additionally, don't forget the tease from one source a few weeks back that even Warren Beatty could show up somewhere with a surprise screening of his Howard Hughes film.

Then there are the other non-festivaled "Big" films: Russell's "Joy", Howard's "In the Heart of the Sea",  Jolie-Pitt's "By the Sea" and Stone's "Snowden" come to mind.  They all seem likely to dodge playing a fest or maybe playing AFI in November.

I have a lot to chew over in the next 48 hours before I put up this week's new and improved "Ten Bets" list.  I'll probably have more than ten bets this week.

I have linked Toronto's added lineup report from Variety:


The Playlist posted yesterday an immense number of new still from Scott Cooper's "Black Mass" as well as revealing a new television spot for the film that hits theaters on Sept. 18.

I'm pretty certain it's playing at Telluride in a couple of weeks.

Here's the new T.V. spot via YouTube:

And the link to The Playlist story:


Jeffrey Wells/Hollywood Elsewhere posted a rumination yesterday comparing/contrasting his view of Telluride and Toronto.  It's here and kind of interesting.


For the fourth straight year Michael's Telluride Film Blog is asking you to join in rating the films you see at the fest.  I want your input as I gather your ratings on a 1-5 scale.  You can email them or tweet them or put them in a comment on this blog.  I'll compile and a week or so after the fest, I'll report to you what you, The People, thought about the films that play TFF #42.

I'll also be compiling ratings from some of the industry professionals that'll be in town for the festivities as well.  Included in this year's pros will be writers from Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, IndieWire, Awards Daily and more.

More to come on Thursday...come back ya'll...

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Anonymous said...

The Treasure was listed as a "North American" premiere in the TIFF press release yesterday, so it's likely not at Telluride (unless there's an error in the TIFF press release).

Michael Patterson said...

Yes indeed, Seems to be some tension between how Toronto lists it and New York.

Sherry Coman said...

Toronto programming is not entirely done, though the schedule goes live on Tuesday the 25th. The last programming announcements will be that day too. The program Discovery, for instance, has not been fully announced, nor has "In Conversation With...", a program which generally ties celebrity artists to specific releases for in-depth interviews. Those releases may not have been named yet for that reason. There will be at least four of those. The program Masters might see last minute top-ups. Some of the titles on your ten bets list could still make a last minute appearance at TIFF15. Just a tip.

Michael Patterson said...

Thanks Sherry.


Sherry Coman said...

Also, I'm sure you're well on to this, but Black Mass, Anomalisa and Beasts of No Nation have all been announced for Toronto as Canadian premieres -- just in terms of your paragraph that says "Venice and Telluride will share...". It's actually Venice, Telluride and Toronto will share... :) Can you tell I'm a TIFF blogger? If you're interested: It's good to hear the Telluride speculation. Wish I could attend that fest too!

Sherry Coman said...

Michael, sorry for yet another comment: Pete Hammond at Deadline is now saying Carol is coming to both Toronto and Telluride. We'll know for sure tomorrow about one of them (Toronto).