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McCarthy Reveals "Marguerite"? / You Must Remember This / Speaking of New York... / New Posters for Jobs and Suffragettes / Calling Your Inner Critic

Thursday is here and one week from today, I should be in Telluride...Eight days until the Fest begins!

THIS DISCLAIMER...Remember, I'm just guessing at this.  No guarantees here.


Still from "Marguerite from the Venice Film Fest website

The Hollywood Reporter's Todd McCarthy posted a very interesting read yesterday about the prospective awards season and the fall film slate.  The tenor of the article is that, in McCarthy's view, the season seems a bit tepid.  He then details a rundown of a large number of films and their positioning mostly as regards Toronto and Venice.  If you follow the awards season, it's worth the time.

If you follow this space, you probably are looking for clues about what we could see next week and McCarthy seems to tell us/confirm that Xavier Giannoli's "Marguerite" will play TFF #42.  McCarthy writes near the end of the piece that, "Marguerite director Giannoli has let it be known that he was forced by Toronto to chose between it and Telluride; he went with the latter".

Sounds to me like the film, which will premiere in Venice's competition section on Sept. 4 is now a good bet to be on our schedules next week.

"Marguerite" is described as a film that is set in 1921 and follows a woman who loves to sing but whose talent doesn't match that desire.  The description for the Venice program says that the film is loosely based on the life of American Florence Foster Jenkins.

For your further perusal:

The Todd McCarthy piece:

"Marguerite's" IMDb profile:

"Marguerite's" page from Venice's website:


Dan Callahan writing at reminded us a couple of days ago that the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Ingrid Bergman's birth is being marked by a live presentation the week after Telluride in Brooklyn featuring Isabella Rosselini and Jeremy Irons.

We also believe after the announcement from NYFF from earlier this week that "Ingrid Bergman: In Her Own Words" has a real shot at the Telluride lineup (check MTFB from Tuesday, Aug. 25).

So...I move that TFF #42 combines all of this so that Isabella and Jeremy can have a solid dress rehearsal and bring this all together for our education and enjoyment next week.  Also, as I said Tuesday...bring Alicia Vikander too.  Can I get a "Second"?

You might enjoy Callahan's lengthy piece here:


A couple of additional announcements yesterday continue to provide circumstantial evidence about films that I'm thinking are in the T-ride lineup.  NYFF announced the addition of "Son of Saul" as a special event as well as Laurie Anderson's "Heart of a Dog".  The lack of any delineation as to either film's premiere status is a tacit admission that both films will have their premiere within the United States somewhere else and Telluride is really the only candidate.  So it would seem the supposition that they'll play T-ride is further strengthened.

Here's the official announcement form the New York Film Fest:


We got new art for two films that seem to be all but certain to play in the San Juans next week.  "Steve Jobs" and "Suffragette" both had new looks:

 Linked here is the FirstShowing story for "Steve Jobs" which also reports that the conventional wisdom beyond this space is that the film will play Telluride:

And this story for "Suffragette" from Entertainment Weekly:


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