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Ten Bets #10 (Plus Five) / "Black Mass" Background / New Trailer for "Malala" / All Hail "Macbeth"

Welcome to the last Friday before TFF #42 takes flight.  We have film in seven days!


I hope you've been following the "Ten Bets" progress throughout this summer.  It started back on June 26th with the first "Ten Bets" which looked like this:

10) "Queen of the Desert"
9) "Suffragette"
8) "Truth"
7) "45 Years"
6) "13 Minutes"
5) "I Saw the Light"
4) "Youth"
3) "Carol"
2) "Son of Saul"
1) "Dheepan"

As I post this morning, 4 of those films appear solid for next weekend in T-ride ("Son of Saul", "Carol", "45 Years" and "Suffragette").  Two others ("Queen of the Desert" and "13 Minutes") could still make the grade.  The other four appear to be off the Telluride table: "Truth", "I Saw the Light", "Youth" and "Dheepan" though I still think they were pretty good "Bets" back in June.

I also listed another 6-8 films that were "close" to the original ten bets and among those it looks good that we'll be able to see "He Named Me Malala" and "Black Mass".  Also still possible from that additional list is "Macbeth" and technically still possible is "In the Heart of the Sea".

Last week's "Ten Bets (plus Five) looked like this:

15) "Heart of a Dog"
14) "Rams"
13) "Hitchcock/Truffaut"
12) "Spotlight"
11) "Amazing Grace"
10) "45 Years"
  9) "Carol"
  8) "He Named Me Malala"
  7) "Steve Jobs"
  6) "Anomalisa"
  5) "Room"
  4) "Suffragette"
  3) "Beasts of No Nation"
  2) "Black Mass"
  1) "Son of Saul"

Here's this week's Ten Bets (Plus Five)

15) "Taxi"
14) "Marguerite"
13) "Hitchcock/Truffaut"
12) "Anomalisa"
11) "Amazing Grace"
10) "Room"
9)   "Spotlight"
8)   "45 Years"
7)   "He Named Me Malala"
6)   "Carol"
5)   "Steve Jobs"
4)   "Black Mass"
3)   "Suffragette"
2)   "Beasts of No Nation"
1)   "Son of Saul"

There are a few more films that I may add when I post the Final Ten Bets on Wednesday morning next week.


I ran across two interesting and informative stories about Scott Cooper's "Black Mass" featuring Johnny Depp as mob legend Whitey Bulger and thought I'd pass them along.  The first is an interview with Cooper himself from Anne Thompson/Thompson on Hollywood.  Anne will be one of the industry pros offering ratings to MTFB of the films that she sees at TFF #42.  Here's that interview:

Additionally, I also saw this interview with the head guys from Cross Creek Pictures which produced the film (and a couple of others this fall season.  The interview includes some discussion of "Black Mass" and star Depp:  


In a year where it seems that there will be at least a couple of other documentaries that I will have to try to get in ("Hitchcock/Truffaut" and "Ingrid Bergman: In Her Own Words") should they materialize, the doc I am most energized about is Davis Guggenheim's "He Named Me Malala" which focuses on the story of Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai.

That anticipation was stoked yesterday with the release of a new trailer for the film.

I have linked three stories with the new trailer embedded:


The Playlist:

Huffington Post:


I'm still holding onto the slim reed of hope that we might see Justin Kurzel's "Macbeth".  New posters appeared for the film yesterday and they just intensified my desire to see the new take on "The Scottish...Film".

Acting as a splash of cold water on those hopes was news that the director (Kurzel) and stars Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard's next project..which includes all three of them- "Assassin's Creed" is on the brink of beginning to film.  

Perhaps the entire crew will hold off until after Labor Day weekend and join us in the San Juans for a respite and a screening of their interpretation of the Bard's work...Keep Hope Alive!

I'll pass along some of the coverage from the last couple of days for the film and the new images/posters:


Just wanted to pass along that I could post during the weekend should circumstances warrant.  Check back her or check on Twitter and Facebook as I will post links there should a special post or two occur during the weekend.

Also, please consider joining other MTFB readers and rate the films you see next weekend for "The People's Telluride".  Rate films on a 1-5 scale and send those ratings to me via any of the contact methods below.

Have a fantastic weekend...

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