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Takin' Care of Business / Trailering "Amazing Grace" / Official "Spotlight" Poster and EW Interview / Burning Questions / Peeps and Pros...Be a Peep!

It's Thursday!


I've always got new details to deal with or clean up the day after a major film fest announcement and that isn't any different today following Toronto's final and massive release of films that they have scheduled that happened yesterday.  So, a couple of things...

First, an anonymous commenter pointed out after yesterday's post went up that Toronto has listed "The Treasure" as a North American premiere...which, if true, implies that it won't be a Telluride play.  That contrasts with how the film was announced by the New York Film Fest last week-absent any premiere designation which implies that it will have played somewhere in the United States before NYFF.  Telluride is pretty much the only option.

Both things cannot be true so something has to give.  I have no real intuition which way this goes either but I'm not completely writing off its chances of showing up in T-ride in a couple of weeks.

Linked here are the relevant sections from both TIFF and NYFF where you'll see the premiere designation or lack thereof:

We also discovered yesterday, through good friend Christopher Schiller, that director Mark Cousins "Atomic" will play at the Cambridge Film Fest in England.  That fest runs from Sept. 3-13 so it does overlap Telluride's entire run.  Cousins film is scheduled to run there on Sept. 4 and 11.  I have no real idea if that absolutely means that Cousins is not attending Telluride but it sure means it's less likely.

Here's the Cambridge Film Fest program:

Final notes for this segment...I had some "behind-the-scenes" convos last night about an item or two of interest that I'll pass along for your consumption.  Although I still think it's very solid for Telluride, there is some concern about whether "Carol" will actually play.  Additionally, some of us are starting to think on terms of Tributes...and that could get interesting.

If you have any thoughts...pass them along using any of the contact methods below.


We're still not 100% certain that this lost 40 year old documentary of a live performance from an in-her-prime Aretha Franklin is going to male it to Telluride.  We think so.  The producer is on record as saying so...but we also know that there could be legal issues.  Right this moment, I'm cautiously optimistic.

It's also set to play Toronto which has led to this release of a trailer for the film and here it is from YouTube:

And the story for its release from The Playlist here:


Now that I've gone over to the "Spotlight will play The SHOW" amp, here's the Entertainment Weekly official rollout of the poster for that film starring Michael Keaton, Mark Ruffalo, Rachel McAdams, Stanley Tucci, Billy Crudup and John Slattery.  The film is directed by Tom McCarthy.  EW interviews him for the story that you can find here:

And if you haven't caught it yet, here's the current trailer for the film via YouTube:


The Wrap was up with an article yesterday asking nine "burning questions" about the fall/winter film and awards season and the films that will play as apart of that.  Many of them involve, s you might expect, films that are probable for our little shindig in the San Juans in two weeks time.  Films like "Steve Jobs":

Trailer for "Steve Jobs" via YouTube

Check out the article here with special attention on The Questions of Telluride Relevance: #1 (Black Mass), #2 (Steve Jobs), #3 (Carol) and #8 (The 33).


For the fourth straight year Michael's Telluride Film Blog is asking you to join in rating the films you see at the fest.  I want your input as I gather your ratings on a 1-5 scale.  You can email them or tweet them or put them in a comment on this blog.  I'll compile and a week or so after the fest, I'll report to you what you, The People (The Peeps), thought about the films that play TFF #42.

I'll also be compiling ratings from some of the industry professionals that'll be in town for the festivities as well.  Included in this year's pros will be writers from Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, IndieWire, Awards Daily and more.

That'll be a full bag for Thursday...Check back tomorrow for an UPDATED "TEN BETS" LIST...It may have (probably will have) more than 10 films.

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