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"Truth" is Coming / Abi Morgan on "Suffragette" / Screen Talk Focuses on Film Festivals

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Cate Blanchett and Robert Redford in "Truth"

I have James Vanderbilt's "Truth" listed on last Friday's latest version of the "Ten Bets" list at #10.  The "based on actual events" drama stars Robert Redford as CBS newsman Dan Rather and Cate Blanchett as CBS news producer Mary Mapes and focuses on the 2004 election year news story that claimed that George Bush's Vietnam era National Guard service was a sham.

The story all but wrecked Rather's career.  The film is based on Mapes book, "Truth and Duty".

The big new over the weekend was that Sony Pictures Classics, which is handling the film's distribution, has dated it for limited release on Oct. 16th landing it squarely in the awards season melee.  The date is certainly compatible with a festival screening at either Telluride or Toronto or both.  Even the New York Fest  is a possibility.

Here's coverage of the announcement including a Rope of Silicon story that suggests the Telluride possibility:

On an interesting note, Jeffrey Wells at Hollywood Elsewhere now suggests that "Truth" may not be as much of a lock for Telluride as I have thought.  Look at the Wells; post here:


"Suffragette" trailer via YouTube

Screen writer Abi Morgan sat down recently with John Nathan of the Financial Times and talked abut her new play as well as the film that she wrote that currently sits at #8 on the latest "Ten Bets" list. "Suffragette" stars Carey Mulligan and Helena Bonham Carter and was directed by Sarah Gavron.  The film is due to hit theaters on Oct. 23 after having shown at the London Film Fest for its "European Premiere" on Oct. 7.

The film focuses on the struggle to gain the vote in early 20th Century Britain.  That interview is here:


This week's edition of Anne Thompson and Eric Kohn"s Screen Talk podcast spends a good deal of time talking about films that have been announced for Toronto and Venice and, as a result, talk about a number of films that will or could make the Telluride lineup.

Oddly, they reference Telluride in relation to Jay Roach's "Trumbo" which is not at all probable for T-ride as it is announced for Toronto as a world premiere.

Here's the link to the podcast:

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