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Put the "Taxi" in Reverse / New York Doc Selections: More Clues? / Podcasts Forever / Winslet Talks "Jobs" / Final from Toronto Today / Rate Those Films

Welcome to Tuesday, August 25, 2015...Telluride happens in ten days...Bring it!


A couple of weeks ago, I had Jafar Panahi's :Taxi" as a likely film for T-ride.  Soon after I posted, however, I was nudged into discovering that the film had played at the Riviera Maya Film Fest in Mexico back in April.  Conclusion...not gonna play Telluride because it won't be a North American first screening.  Check out my post from Aug. 11...

But...thanks to the eagle eye and Twitter delivery of @nickallen_redux...I think we can go back to the original notion that "Taxi" may well be a TFF #42 choice.  Check the poster from The Film Stage:

Seems like very strong circumstantial evidence, as my lawyer friends might say, that "Taxi"...which I've been knocking about as a T-ride possibility since the Berlin Fest, is headed to the San Juans.   And I say "Yes!"

Panahi's courage to make films in the face of his governments dictate not to...humbling.

Check out "Taxi's' IMDb profile here:

And here's the link to the full story from The Film Stage:

And for fun...the trailer for the film from YouTube:


The New York Film Festival named a dozen films that will play as a part of the 2015 NYFF yesterday.  That entire post from The Film Society of Lincoln Center can be found here:

Of interest to Telluride film goers would be the three docs that were not designated as either a "World" or "North American" premiere.

"Ingrid Bergman: In Her Words" has been scheduled.  I wrote in this space back in June when that it sounded like a great fit for Telluride.  Now, by reading the NYFF announcement tea leaves, it looks like this could definitely happen.

I said in that earlier post that it would be great to have Isabella Rosselini on hand and while we're at it, bring in the hottest actress on planet Earth right now, Alicia Vikander who voices Bergman for the film...

Here's my take from my June 20th post:

And the trailer for the doc that was put together for Cannes:

IMDb profile:

Another doc that has no premiere designation from the NYFF announcement is "Troublemakers" The Story of Art and Land".  IMDb lists it as a 2014 project but also doesn't list it as having played anywhere up to now.

It's IMDb page is here:

The third doc with no preem designation (which indicates that NY can't list it as a U.S. premiere which gives rise to the theory that it could play Telluride first) is Frederick Wiseman's "In Jackson Heights".  However, Toronto has listed the film as a "North American" premiere which has been telling us that it would NOT be a Telluride choice.  Additionally, the film is set to World Premiere on Sept. 4 in Venice.   So, there is a bit of confusion here.

The Wiseman doc IMDb page is here:

My hunch is that the Bergman is on for Telluride, the Wiseman is not and the "Troublemaker/Art" doc is 50/50 to play.


Seems like everyone has a fall fest/awards assessment podcast up this week.  Here are links to:

Oscar Poker (Sasha Stone and Jeffrey Wells):

Awards Watch Oscar Podcast:

Screen Talk with Anne Thompson and Eric Kohn:


"Steve Jobs" trailer via YouTube

Entertainment Weekly posts this interview with Oscar winner Kate Winslet as she talks about Danny Boyle's "Steve Jobs" and her co-star in the film, Michael Fassbender.

 "Steve Jobs" currently sits at the #7 spot in my latest "Ten Bets" published in last Friday's post.


Reportedly the final reveal of films for the Toronto International Film Festival comes later today so check back here to see what else we learn from that and how it may pertain to TFF #42.


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