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Toronto Part Two / Categorical Weirdness / Tapley Lands at Variety / The Continuing "Jane Got a Gun" Saga

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I am expecting the second wave of announcements of films that will play the Toronto International Film Festival to come later today.  I believe that they are announcing Canadian films as a part of a specific program of films for that fest.

Whatever is announced, check back here for analysis about the TIFF choices and revelations and what they tell us about Telluride's possible lineup choices.

Which leads to this next thing...


If you read this space with frequency and certainly in the last week since TIFF's announced first wave of films, then you know that there has been some oddity regarding how the film "Spotlight" has been categorized.  Reportedly tabbed as a Canadian premiere in some places and International in others plus some confusion in as far as what TIFF views as an International premiere.  That has led to a number of outlets concluding that "Spotlight" could well be playing Telluride.

Now, this added weirdness at least a couple of  sources reported yesterday that Julie Delpy's "Lolo" will premiere in Venice even though the TIFF website claims their screening is its World premiere.

Here's "Lolo's" page at the TIFF website:


Meanwhile, The Hollywood Reporter and tell us that the film will premiere as a part of the Venice Days program during the Venice Fest.



Obviously, the film can't World Premiere twice and in two different places.  So, what gives?

My takeaway from this is that these film fests still haven't gotten all the kinks and communication worked out regarding any particular film's premiere status and that all of us who are trying to read these particular tea leaves would do well to remember that.

PS...in my fevered dementia surrounding the Toronto and Venice announcements last week, I even developed a theory that would allow "Spotlight" to play all three fests, including Telluride, and still be properly labeled an "International" premiere in what seems to be the most commonly accepted definition of the term.  Don't ask.  It's really almost impossible.


I'm really happy to pass on this note that Kristopher Tapley and his InContention awards coverage has landed at Variety.com.  Tapley, who has been kind enough to provide film ratings each year as a part of MTFB's "Telluride Professionals" and has also been a source that I have accessed for The Film Awards Clearinghouse portion of this blog, will be joining the venerable entertainment publication on Aug. 24th and will be back in Telluride providing Variety's coverage.

Tapley's InContention and HitFix.com had been together since 2011 but came to a parting of ways at the end of June.

It will be good to have Kris' voice back online (and in Variety's print edition as well) very, very soon.
Congratulations, Mr. Tapley!

Coverage is here:





"Jane Got a Gun" First Look from Movieclips and YouTube

If you've read this blog for some time, you know that I have often included stories about Gavin O'Conner's "Jane Got a Gun" which has been beleaguered to say the least.  It's struggle continued this week as half of its distributor plan- Relativity Media-declared bankruptcy.

The film had changes in director and cast and now this.  Vanity Fair posted a story of where this film is here:


Will the film make it to its Sept. 4 release date or get pushed to 2016?

That's all for now.  Check back later today and tomorrow for news about the most recent announcements from Toronto.

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