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New York Reveals Full Slate / "The Hateful Eight" Has a Trailer / Looking at Hank Williams/Tom Hiddleston / A Look at "Our Brand is Crisis"

Thursday, Thursday, Thursday...

A very busy 24 hours since my last post vi-s-a-vis The 42nd Telluride Film Festival with new information and also views of some films that could play at T-ride that we haven't seen much of anything from...yet.  Let's start with new info from...


The New York Film Festival dropped the rest of their film lineup (barring any surprise screenings...and NYFF has certainly done some of that in the past) out of the blue yesterday.  Last year the NYFF program was revealed on Aug. 14 so we knew it was likely very soon.

Here's what we can discern/glean:

Announcements of Danny Boyle's "Steve Jobs" (which we knew from its earlier announcement as NYFF's centerpiece) is still label less in terms of premiere status.  That's a pretty strong indication that it's Telluride bound.

Todd Haynes "Carol" was also in the announcement yesterday with no premiere status indicated which tells me Telluride.

The ONLY other film that fits the "no premiere" status condition is Corneliu Porumbiou's "The Treasure".  It played Cannes in the Un Certain Regard section.  Critics loved, loved, loved it.  Looks like it's going to make the trip to the San Juans.

"The Treasure's"  IMDb page is here:

We are also able to deduce that some films are now off the Telluride radar owing to their NYFF posted premiere status (barring mistakes or weirdness).  Off the T-ride table would appear to be:

Steven Spielberg's "Bridge of Spies"
"Arabian Nights"
"Les Cowboys"
"The Measure of a Man"
"Mia Madre"
"Microbe and Gasoline"

There are also others off the Telluride grid but we either already knew that or never thought they were likely for Telluride to begin with.

Want some weirdness?  Seems like only three films will crossover this year between Telluride and New York.  Last year it was 11 films that played both fests.  Not sure why but that's a dramatic difference.

Finally, for those keeping score, films that we still haven't seen on any of the three major fall fest lists (TIFF, Venice, NYFF) are:

"I Saw the Light"
"Our Brand is Crisis"
"In the Heart of the Sea"
"By the Sea"
"Secret in Their Eyes"
"Queen of the Desert"
"Salt and Fire"
"45 Years"
"13 Minutes"
"Adam Jones/Burnt"

"The Light Between Oceans"
"Crimson Peak"
"The 33"
"The Last Face"

Of these, I feel that the best added Telluride shots are:

"I Saw the Light" (see below)
"Our Brand is Crisis"
"Secret in Their Eyes"
"Queen of the Desert"
"45 Years"
"13 Minutes"

Here are links to a slew of NYFF coverage:

We should have more insight next week with the next wave of major announcements from Toronto.


Well, let's all say it together: "The Hateful Eight" will not be ready in time to screen at TFF #42.

There's the disclaimer.

But I will say again that I do think we could see some footage of some kind.  I don't think that's stretch.  Maybe clips.  Maybe and extended scene or two.  Maybe a Quentin Tarantino tribute?

All possible.  

Yesterday's trailer release is reportedly what was shown at Cannes in May.  Check it here via YouTube:

And, as you might expect, I have linked a number of stories that accompanied the trailer release:


We got our first official glimpse yesterday of Tom Hiddleston as Hank Williams in the Marc Abraham film "I Saw the Light" as you can see above.

As I was monitoring the internet traffic as the image was being reported I noted an exchange highlighted between @PennJK and the official Toronto Film Festival Twitter account.  TIFF tweeted the image themselves:

 In the exchange @PennJK asks if the tweet means that "I Saw the Light" will play in Toronto to which the TIFF account replies:

"No plans as of now.  Just a savory slice of film industry news."

Which strikes me as an non denial denial.  It seems to me to be too convenient a pic for the TIFF account to tweet if it weren't going to go to TIFF.  Kind of makes me think that it WILL play TIFF and I'd bet if it does that it plays Telluride first.  Perhaps we'll find out next week.

Your links to stories with the "I Saw the Light" image from yesterday.  The Anne Thompson post suggests the possibility of Telluride:


Just about the same time all the Hateful trailer stories and Hiddleston as Hank stories were blowing up, the folks behind the P.R. for David Gordon Green's "Our Brand is Crisis" were busy with the first official look of Sandra Bullock from that film (above).

Could this film play Telluride?  It's still on my list of possibilities.   Coverage is here from Entertainment Weekly:

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